About me

me_casualI’m Wouter Simons, living in Lelystad, The Netherlands. I am a divorced father of 2 lovely children. As a college dropout (three times!) I started to get involved in IT near the end of the 90’s. My interest is sparked mostly by how we build software. My day job involves writing software, but honestly, I probably spend just as much time talking about writing software and how to do it as a team as I do actually writing code.

In the past I have worked for an online video startup, a traditional architecture firm, a disaster recovery organization, an industrial printing supplier, a small solutions provider in the authentication and digital invoicing industry and now a mission critical outsourcing and solution provider.

What I did not learn in school I have picked up from books and blogs. The things I try to learn I also try to put into practice. So my cycle is, study – do – review. Of course, I’ve also been blessed by the chance to learn from those more experienced than me.

And now I blog! To be honest, I think blogging is for myself as much as anyone, but I also think I am at the point where my thoughts might be useful to others as well.